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But first things first, guys. Initially, I thought this had to do with the recent food stamp eligibility requirements being altered by the Trump administration.

Mother tells how she bravely ran away from incestuous polygamous cult at 17

And so, I started over from square one, mentally erasing all my previous assumptions and starting from square one. Washakie Renewable Energy once described itself as the largest producer. Washakie Renewable Energy once described itself as the largest producer of clean burning and sustainable biodiesel in Utah, but prosecutors said the company was actually creating fake production records to get renewable-fuel tax credits, then laundering the proceeds from through Company CEO Jacob Kingston pleaded guilty Thursday to more than three dozen counts, including mail fraud, money laundering and obstruction of justice.

The Kingston group is a splinter group that spun off by Charles Kingston from the more mainstream Mormon church much like the FLDS in the wake of them banning polygamist practice. They are definitely the sons of John Daniel Kingston, who is one of the more prominent members of the sect today. And this guy… is not a nice guy at all… Deseret News reported on the abuse taking place within his own family, when two of his daughters fled to the authorities and gave their testimonies against their father:.

According to testimony from his year-old daughter, Kingston beat her, her mother and her siblings and forced his children to eat rotten food he dug out of the garbage, drink rotten milk and worse. Kingston was in 3rd District Court on Tuesday with one of his wives, Heidi Foster, for a third day of child abuse and neglect hearings.

The next hearing is scheduled for June 3. And on one occasion, Kingston hit his children one at a time with a 2-by-4, the girl said.

On another occasion, the year-old testified, Kingston slapped her sister, resulting in a bloody nose and a blood-smeared face. Kingston allegedly dragged Foster, who was pregnant, down a set of stairs by her hair, according to the year-old.

Girls in the group are often forced into marriages as young teenagers, and sometimes to first cousins. Currently, Paul Elden Kingston has at least 27 wives, and has sired up to children. Proceeds from businesses, and often individual paychecks, are pooled in the Kingston version of the old Mormon practice known as a united order. Prosecutors believe money fraudulently obtained by Jacob and Isaiah Kingston went to lending companies that lent money to other members of the sect to purchase the properties.

Prosecutors have said both men are members of the northern Utah-based Davis County Cooperative Society, also known as the Kingston Group, which practices polygamy and owns hundreds of businesses. Group leaders have condemned fraudulent business practices. Furthermore, businesses owned by the sect generally put the profits from the businesses minus the operating expenses back into a church fund — where it can then be sheltered and used for whatever the church leadership read: the Kingstons deems fit.

So is this a way of laundering money? Well, the charges would indicate so. The story about Washakie broke inwhen a Kingston-employee-turned-whistleblower exposed the tax scheme:. KUTV When several businesses inside the Kingston polygamist empire, including Washakie Renewable Energy, was raided by federal agents Wednesday, officials where tight lipped. But in a 2News exclusive, a former employee, with intimate knowledge of the inner. Washakie, is one of the biggest.

It claim to produce a bio-diesel, known as B She says the company would purchase B from outside vendors, store it, repackage it, sell it, then get the tax credits. She also says her bosses, Washakie founders Isiah and Jacob Kingston, would sell one shipment of B to an outsider company, then turn around, and on paper only, resell the same shipment up to four more times to a Kingston shell company. The woman, who worked for the company for a year, before quitting when she felt the company might be involved with illegal activities, provided us with documents that appear to substantiate her claims.

Jacob Kingston also had an unidentified contact who tipped him off ahead of a federal raidallowing the brothers to remove their hard drives from their computers and one belonging to their mother, according to plea documents. That tip-off means someone in Law enforcement knew about the whistleblower and the raid beforehand — and was working with the Kingstons to keep their criminal activities under-wraps.

ALLREDS VS KINGSTONS ft Amanda: Who's Really Going to Heaven?

Details emerge about how the fraud was carried out in the first article. Essentially, the company maintained a number of fuel depots around the world and simply moved their supply of B99 around these different depots in order to make it look like they were producing this biofuel fuel, for which they would then receive tax credits.

But really, it was just a shell game. From the first article:.He is the great-grandson of Charles William Kingston. The group has recently become known in the popular media for its economic and social domination of its members, welfare fraud, physical and sexual abuse of females, underage marriages and incestual marriages.

Frederic later went to America where he joined the Church. His spiritual development was marked by dreams and visions he believed to be manifestations of divine guidance. His first recorded spiritual experience took place on the bank of the Weber River in Morgan, Utah, where he was being baptized and confirmed.

However, the experience Charles William considered most influential in his spiritual development came in a dream that occurred a year after his baptism. After his prayer, Charles William saw a person dressed in white robes standing above him. Though Charles William ran along the path for miles, he eventually became overconfident and slipped, catching the edge of the path by his fingertips.

After exerting all his energy, he pulled himself up. Fearing that he would fall again, Charles William crawled along on his hands and knees, maintaining a firm grip the rest of the way. After his own baptism, his father dreamed he was trapped in a large stone enclosure. I also revived the practice of preaching the gospel without purse or scrip in New York and New Jersey country districts. After his mission, Charles William spent many years doing agricultural work with his father in Grover, Wyoming and Ammon, Idaho.

Multiple crop failures nearly broke him financially, so he considered it a blessing when the Oregon Short Line Railroad hired him in As was often the case with railroad employees at the time, he faced a tragic accident after only one month on the job.

Despite this accident, Charles William was promoted after four years to acting mechanical foreman at Silver Bow, Montana, and three months later to acting car foreman at Idaho Falls.

He was also given two days of paid time off each month, which he spent attending the Salt Lake Temple—feeling he owed his vacation time to the Lord for this blessing. Charles William marks this period as a critical point in his spiritual journey. He spent much of his time in Salt Lake with childhood friend Charles Zitting, often sleeping in his office.

When Charles grew up, he in turn taught me the provisions for the fullness. For two years, Charles William attended the temple with Zitting once a month and spent hours in discussion with him.

These fundamentalists drew their authority from an revelation given to John Taylor, witnessed by Lorin C. Woolley and John W.When it comes to racist Sunday school lessons, the polygamous Kingston clan could teach the Ku Klux Klan a thing or two.

The Excommunication of Charles William Kingston

The teacher added a drop of dye to the water, and the children watched as the blackness slowly spread. This racist display was no one-off. Jessica said she and other children of the Kingston clan — a group also known as The Order, the Davis County Cooperative Society, and the Latter-Day Church of Christ — dropped the N-bomb all the time, as did their parents.

Obsessed with the purity of their bloodline and empowered by a sense of entitlement on par with the divine right of kings, the Kingstons have made incest the cornerstone of a self-serving theology that loathes non whites, fosters homophobia and abhors government authority.

The Order can rightly claim discrimination by mainstream Mormonism, but this is due to its embrace of polygamy, which the LDS church officially abandoned in in order for Utah to become a state.

The renunciation of polygamy is now church doctrine, and the Mormon church has a policy of excommunicating polygamists. Kingston forebears were among those who suffered this fate. But for their part, The Order and other fundamentalist sects believe the LDS church exists in a state of apostasy for abandoning what they see as a bedrock principle of their faith. Elden continued the tradition. Brother Elden died of penile cancer indespite the best efforts of some family members to burn away the cancer using acid.

Elden had predicted that he would be resurrected from the dead, so clan members kept his body on ice for three days, to no avail. His seven sons and two daughters by LaDonna Peterson, the second of his 13 wives, are reputed to be the inner circle that runs the cult. He orchestrated all unions within the cult, which was maintained with classic mind control techniques, corporal punishment, fasting and bizarre dietary practices. Ortell died inbut his progeny continued the polygamy, the inbreeding and the marriages to young female teens that he instituted.

Three of his wives are his half-sisters. One is a first cousin.

elden kingston

Two are nieces. Similarly, his older brother John Daniel Kingston has had 14 wives, four of them his half-sisters. Another is a first cousin. Like polygamy, incest is a third-degree felony in Utah, and as with polygamy, convictions are rare. Over the years, state law enforcement and the courts have sporadically addressed the incest in the Kingston ranks.

Her disobedience incurred the wrath of her father Daniel, who took her to a family ranch near the Idaho border and savagely beat her.The two boys pulled into the driveway and shifted the green Honda into park.

It was February in Salt Lake, cold and gray, and in the foothills above the city, a low fog hung over the mountains. They sat there for a moment, warming their hands against the sputtering heater. Then one of them exhaled slowly, his breath shuddering in the cold air. It was time. They were finally getting even.

The well-kept yellow house sat on the corner of a tidy cul-de-sac called South Bonner Circle surrounded by a black wrought-iron fence. From the outside it seemed like a typical suburban home, offering few clues of the secrets that were contained inside.

A passerby might catch a glimpse of children in the windows, but for the most part, the Young family kept to themselves. Their neighbors had no idea that the family were prominent members of the Kingston clan, the most powerful polygamist cult in America — and one of the most dangerous.

This article appears in the June 23, issue of Rolling Stone. The issue is available now on newsstands and in the digital archive. The clan, known privately as the Order, runs what prosecutors believe is one of the largest organized-crime operations in Utah, overseeing its far-flung empire from a string of secret locations and backrooms.

On the surface, the operation is legit: From Salt Lake, the Order controls some businesses spread out over the Western states, from a casino in California to a cattle ranch in Nevada to a factory that makes lifelike dolls in Utah. According to people who have left the Order, the cult exploits its 2, members as virtual slave labor and hides profits from tax collectors. Children born into the clan make up much of the labor force. Boys work its coal mine and stack boxes at Standard Restaurant Supply, a massive discount store.

They are paid not in cash but in scrip, an arcane form of credit used by the Mormon pioneers that can only be redeemed at company stores. The teenagers sitting in the driveway on South Bonner Circle that afternoon in knew the operation well. They belonged to the Order and had toiled in the cult for years.

One of them approached the front door while the other kept a lookout.Elden Kingston was supported by his father Charles W. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Elden Kingston Elden Kingston c. Archived from the original on 21 October Retrieved 22 October Retrieved Leaders in the Mormon fundamentalist movement.

John W. Woolley Lorin C. Woolley J. Leslie Broadbent John Y. Rulon C. Allred Owen A. Allred J. LaMoine Jenson Lynn A. Leroy S. Johnson Rulon Jeffs Warren Jeffs. Jessop one-time de facto leader Wendell Nielsen one-time legal head James Oler. Marion Hammon Alma A. Timpson John W. Charles W. Kingston Elden Kingston John O.

Kingston Paul E. Winston Blackmore John W. Bryant Robert C. Crossfield Terrill R. Dalton Tom Green James D. Gerald Peterson Jr. Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Elden Kingston c. Kingston Vesta Minerva. Leaders of the fundamentalist sects. Independents and other leaders. This article related to the Latter Day Saint movement is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.During his tenure, Kingston has followed his father's practice of pluraland intra-family marriage, [4] although neither is practiced by the majority of members, and the practice is not required to gain status in the group.

Plural marriage is practiced by some members of the DCCS and members make their own choice in who they marry. He is estimated to have approximately children with his wives. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Archived from the original on 21 October Retrieved 22 October Retrieved December 7, Retrieved 22 March Retrieved Deseret News. Leaders in the Mormon fundamentalist movement. John W.

elden kingston

Woolley Lorin C. Woolley J. Leslie Broadbent John Y. Rulon C. Allred Owen A. Allred J. LaMoine Jenson Lynn A. Leroy S. Johnson Rulon Jeffs Warren Jeffs. Jessop one-time de facto leader Wendell Nielsen one-time legal head James Oler. Marion Hammon Alma A. Timpson John W. Charles W. Kingston Elden Kingston John O. Kingston Paul E. Winston Blackmore John W. Bryant Robert C.

Crossfield Terrill R. Dalton Tom Green James D.Teenager Mary Jacobs was under orders to marry her cousin and live the rest of her life pumping out a dozen or more children in a polygamous secretive cult known as The Order. Instead, she is now happy married to the love of her life and has two beautiful children.

Mary broke her silence to tell about her brave escape from a forced marriage in an exclusive interview with DailyMail.

Blood Cult

Mary knew she had one chance for escape. The then year-old had to make an early morning bolt from the home where she lived with her mother and 15 siblings, and run a quarter of a mile across a public park, where her boyfriend and his parents would be waiting for her. Anything could go wrong. She hadn't eaten or even drunk water for days as punishment, but the price of failure was too much to consider.

If she didn't succeed, within days she would have to commit to marry her cousin as soon as she turned As she ran as hard as she could across Millrace Park in Taylorsville, a southern suburb of Salt Lake City, she stumbled and started to vomit.

But there was nothing in her stomach to bring up. Somehow a burst of adrenaline kicked in and she pulled herself to her feet and ran on. Mary had finally made it to the outside world, away from The Order, a highly-secretive polygamous cult on the very fringes of Mormonism.

She knew her parents and their powerful relatives would soon be out searching for her, but at last she had hope. Mary Jacobs escaped the Order, a highly-secretive polygamous cult on the very fringes of Mormonism in Utah, aged 17 on June 15,with the help of her now-husband Bryan Nelson pictured together. To escape, Mary had to make a bolt from the home where she lived with her mother and 15 siblings, and run a quarter of a mile across a public park, where Bryan and his parents would be waiting for her.

If she didn't succeed, within days she would have to commit to marry her first cousin David Kingston as soon as she turned Pictured: Mary's graduation photo. For the next five months she would hide in a rented room in Las Vegas before finally she turned 18 and could be her own woman away from the people who had tried to control her every move from the day she was born.

She did marry on her 18th birthday, but it was to the man she loved, the man who had orchestrated her escape. Now, nearly six years later, they are the parents of two adorable boys, living just a few miles from the suffocating strictures of the cult.

Mary's story and the alleged criminal background surrounding hundreds of her relatives will be told on CBS's Whistleblower on Friday night, but DailyMail.

elden kingston

Everything is enclosed. Everything is decided for you. I would have been my cousin's second wife. Mary escaped on June 15, The FBI is actively working on other connected cases.

It all started early in Mary was taking business classes at Salt Lake Community College. Her future was already mapped out for her. She would work at The Order's internal bank. They decide where you work, they decide what you go to school for, they decide who you marry.

Paul, a grandson of the group's founder, has 27 wives and more than children, Mary said. Her own father David Kingston has 18 wives and around kids. I am the fourth of her 16 children. Mary's father David left and right spent four years in jail for marrying his year-old niece. After that, The Order insisted that members had to wait till the girl was 18 before they were allowed to marry.