Grub2 boot from usb

Legacy boot mode does not support hard drives that provides more than 2TB disk space, and mostly you would like to use UEFI mode for better Windows 10 support. Here, I'm using Ubuntu Operations can be safely inferred for other distributions.

Boot Multiple ISO from USB via Grub2 using Linux

I'd recommend using gparted if you prefer GUI tools. Here I'm showing you the way to do it via terminal only. Note: The boot flag might be set improperly if you cannot see any USB related stuffs here.

grub2 boot from usb

Note 2: UEFI treats path case-insensitive. Before you install the distribution on your disk, you should check whether you're actually booting from UEFI mode. But the bad news is that if you would like to make it bootable for other PCs, you need to flash it back to msdos partition table. After installation completes, you should boot from hard drive and check the boot mode to ensure that you're booting in UEFI mode. You should always reference to the original grub.

It only differs in first step from the easy choice. In easy choice, we're using the ubuntu's default grub image. Grub does not officially support bootint Windows in place, and therefore chainloader should be used to load the windows bootloader to load windows. Normally, when correctly flashed a bootable Windows USB, the firmware should be able to load you into Windows.

However, if it fails to do so, and you have another bootable USB with grub, you may try the following steps to boot Windows manually. Introduction Dead boot of Linux or Windows needs a lot of labor when sometimes it just does not work. How to boot from a blank computer into grub via changing BIOS options. After operating system is installed in hard sapne me kutta kate to kya hota hai, you may safely re-enable this config.

Disable Secure Boot Some of the linux distributions are treated as secure with windows certificates, i. Best switch off at installation. After installed, you may simply test it to see whether your installation is compatible with secure boot or not, and also, safely re-enable it if it's compatible. Disable Windows Fast Startup if windows is currently installed Normally in power settings from Windows 8 and above.

How to boot from USB with Grub2

Do you want to continue? Negative values count from the end of the disk. For example, -1s specifies exactly the last sector. Save and reboot.

If there's something wrong here, and you got into the grub rescue terminal, like the following: You'll need to boot from USB manually. Step 5: Check boot mode Before you install the distribution on your disk, you should check whether you're actually booting from UEFI mode. You may use the advanced partition mode to configure your installation. After install boot failure If you boot failed after installation, you might need to manually Add boot option to your BIOS.Forgot your password?

Or sign in with one of these services. By srsSeptember 27, in Multi-booting and Virtualisation. I've been playing around with the GRUB2 boot loader a bit recently, and I've run across some interesting references. The end result is one menu for all your OSes. This configuration also reduces the chances of problems from one boot loader overwriting another one's files. So, let's back up a bit. If you don't, try Googling on these topics to find some tutorials.

To get OS X booting, I had to download the grub I compiled under Linux. A quick attempt under OS X failed, but it's conceivable this problem could be overcome.

Some of the configuration file changes will be obvious below, but note that GRUB2 numbers partitions differently. If you try something similar, pay careful attention to system-specific items, such as the disk and partition identifiers and the video mode.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend that everybody ditch Chameleon, Boot Think, etc. This will give you one boot loader configuration file and a reduced risk of problems from one boot loader stepping on another's feet, as it were. I'm surprised this post hasnt caught more attention, considering how groundbreaking this is: a fully developed boot loader and boot manager that can load windows, linux, os x with just a single installation and code, it could potentially wipe chameleon and of course other "things" like the open-source-without-public-source "Boot Think" or the always coming-soon and closed source and maybe future pay-ware once its finished "XPC" from the scene.

Anyway, I can report I tried the grub2 package from Fedora 11 and I also failed, even though it seems to be more updated 1. I think it could be because the fedora package is compiled without certain modules needed like xnu support or efi emulator. Could you provide a compiled binary of latest version? I was going to do that but I stopped, I think Fedora uses some kind of patch to rename grub2 binaries to grub2-install, grub2-setup and the like I'm not sure if we can use that kind of binary just by replacing it in the installation, or do we need to update the boot.

BTW I think your problem with the second system is not caused by grub2 but some hardware incompatibility in the system installed, it could be caused by the ethernet card there not being supported at all, so OS X could be missing a MAC address to create the platform uuid.

See this thread on voodoo forum for more info. I'll be getting the next Kubuntu version due out in a few days which reportedly switched to pure grub2 as the only boot loader and I will try again and report back.

You're probably right about lack of modules causing problems. Unfortunately, I started that after writing my first post, so it didn't get included. This is a weird configuration, but it works for me. You'll then be able to select which utilities you use by preceding the binary name with a complete path e. The real risk is in the boot loader code itself -- the stuff that goes in the MBR, the boot partition's boot block, etc.

Booting from grub

I haven't done much to try to get my second system working with GRUB2 since my last post -- I've been busy with other things, and this is pretty low-priority for me. I suspect you're right that it could be fixed by the right kext or other configuration magic, but my knowledge of the OS X boot process is still sketchy enough that I'd be stumbling around in the dark to try to find the solution. Maybe when I've got some free time I'll track it down and fix it. I say trying because I can't for the love of God get it to work.Forums New posts Search forums.

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grub2 boot from usb

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Rob's side project: I recently started Gun-Forums. Gun Forums. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Renier Start date Feb 13, Tags grub 2 install lubuntu.

Renier New Member. Hi guys. As just a newby I actually have an advanced problem. I started by downloading lubuntu Using woeusb I created a bootable USB.

Is there someone who can help me with this problem? Ok good news. What am I doing wrong? Gold Supporter. G'day Renier and welcome to linux. Not many folks here are likely to know much about WoeUSB including me but as I understand it, it is a Linux only tool.

You might want to try Etcher instead, very simple and good success rate. Are you trying to dualboot with Windows? Chris Turner wizardfromoz.

As clued up about things I am.You can watch the Rescatux 0. The last Rescatux stable version was released on October Many changes have happened to Rescatux since then. UEFI options which became mainstream at have been added. Secure Boot support has been added. Rescapp is now its own program.

Rescapp had some serious usability flaws that have been fixed. When you run an option you never knew if it was working ok. Now you have an status for the option. Finally the complete nightmare of pop-ups that were shown when an option is run have been replaced by nice coloured scrolling messages.

One of the best improvement has been done recently. Rescapp has been improved so that every option is properly documented as well as a non native English speaker can write.

grub2 boot from usb

Rescatux 0. Both amd64 and systems are supported. Rescatux includes Rescapp, a graphical rescue tool that will assist users to regain access to a computer that has become non-bootable among many other features.

Rescatux is designed in such a way that you can use it on your own offline by just reading its help. Although the documentation could be much better written.

I am unable to keep a proper forum up right now. So if you have any question or suggestion I recommend you to open a new issue in the Rescapp issue tracker. Please before opening a new issue check if your problem was already was asked and solved in the Rescapp issue tracker question labeled issues. You can also ask for help on the integrated Rescatux irc channel.

Hopefully someone will be online. You can find more information in: Rescatux. You can apply for your copy here. This is another beta version of Rescatux. The last Rescatux beta was released on January This new version has many improvements. Rescapp now has proper logos, desktop icons and a window icon. Non English translations were removed from internal documentation. Many plugin documentations have been update to match gui.Jump to content.

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Posted 01 September - PM. Posted 03 September - AM. Posted 05 September - AM. Have all our moderators died out? And a good whack is often needed Mostly a case of "someone else" will probably fix it Posted 05 September - PM. In former times, as I remember, developers could remove such double posts in most subforums. Nowadays the number of subforums with developer moderator access is much lower.

In former-former timesan Admin would have kicked drummerdp 's ass till the moon and back Nobody has done that yet. So, the situation has turned worse.

I just felt and found my ass to be perfectly all right. Does that mean the situation is better now? Pretty confused. Posted 28 July - AM. How do I back up my mbr before installing grub?

Most installers and install methods will make a backup of the MBR on second sector of the disk, but you need to specify exactly WHICH tool are you going to install and HOW are you going to, as not all may do that.

If the question is more "general", and you want a backup copy of the MBR of your device, you can use any form of dd under linux or Windows or similar and under windows the dsfok toolkit or, easier, Hdhacker:.Updated - January 26, by Arnab Satapathi. Linux live USB drives are one of the most useful tool that every Linux user should keep handy.

Before continue, take backup of all important data of that USB drive and make sure that this is the drive to format. Now format the drive with a single FAT32 partition, with software of your choice like G parted or mkfs. Or use Gparted, there is lesser amount of risk involved with it. After formating, mount the partition to a easily accessible folder with read write permission and create required folders.

If the the drive is not already bootable, toggle the boot flag with partedcfdisk or fdisk. Use a file manager like NautilusDolphin, etc. Everything is almost ready, now just create the grub configuration file to make the ISO files available to boot from USB drive.

Then put the text bellow. Follow this tutorial and create your own grub configuration to make a multiboot USB. Don't forget to share your experience with us via comments.

grub2 boot from usb

Also if you need any help just leave a comment. Thanks in advance for your help At step four, I enter the command you say, and I have the message Because seamless data transfer between Linux, Windows and Mac, here ext2 is not best choice. I use bootable USB drives for data transfer to. Perhaps this must be add at the end of this tutorial. Yesit targeted for a non persistence use,actually for installing a new distro.

A second partitiona good idea, but you could this partition too. The devil is in the details of writing the grub. I tried a couple of entries and neither of them booted, I'm afraid I have to look elsewhere since I don't have a clear understanding of the intricacies of the Linux boot process and initrds.

I too never could make a bootable fedora live USB by editing the grub. Best of luck and never stop experimenting. Anyway I'll try to write a detailed post about writing the grub. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. A machine running a Linux distribution of your choice. Your comments Hi, thx for this tuto but it means : 1 is target for non persistent distribution use 2 why not using a second partition on the same USB to save desired data that could be access from any booted distribution?

Have a nice day.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. You can change its settings to select a default operating system, set a background image, and choose how long GRUB counts down before automatically booting the default OS.

For example, on Ubuntu, there are scripts here that configure the default theme. For an easy-to-use terminal-based editor — Nano — use the following command. You can use any text editor you like, of course — including the standard vi text editor.

As with any other configuration file, you need to edit the options to your desired state and then change the file. If it does, edit the existing line instead of adding a duplicate one.

You can also specify a label in quotes. This option specifies GRUB will be hidden and it will automatically boot to the default OS after 0 seconds —immediately, in other words. You can still access the menu by holding Shift as your computer boots. GRUB will automatically bot the default operating system after a period of time, usually ten seconds. During that time, you can choose another OS or leave it be to automatically boot.

The image file must meet various specifications. You could also use a TGA image file. Your changes will become part of the grub. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

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How To Install Grub2 Bootloader into Windows 7 - AIO Boot Extractor

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