Homeland season 6 recap youtube

This inconsistent, frustrating season of Homeland continues to spin its wheels, saving big-picture issues like the bombing investigation for future episodes, while focusing on another valley in the life of Carrie Mathison Claire Danes.

However, the way this one comes about seriously stretches credulity. Speaking of Frannie, her school calls, and the first bullshit detector moment of this episode goes off. Come on. Makes sense. They can just go to a hotel, right? Nope, this is a TV show, so Frannie has been put in a state-registered youth home. Ding, ding, ding, goes the detector again! I really hope that the agent is really a serial killer in disguise because that would be more believable than an uninjured child being taken from her single parent, who also happens to be a former government agent.

Homeland Season 6 Finale Review: America First

The events of September 11 changed him, as it did so many young Americans, pushing him to enlist. He was killed just as he was starting his third tour. The increasingly nefarious Dar Adal F. Most urgently, Saul and Javadi cannot meet. Is he going full bad guy this season? In an office, Carrie offers totally logical explanations about what happened with Quinn and her daughter.

Should she have left Frannie with him? Probably not. According to the agent, Frannie said that she was terrified and that she thought she was going to die. She advises that Carrie get a lawyer. While Carrie starts to break down, Quinn flees his guardianship by Astrid. The last time he saw her at Bellevue, he accused her of being against him and working for the other side.

Anyway, Astrid gets him back and Quinn learns that Dar Adal sequestered him there for his own safety. Everyone is trapped to some degree — Carrie in the system that took her daughter, Quinn in a house on a lake, Saul in a conference room — when Javadi is kidnapped and tortured.

Somebody sold him out, turning him over to his own people, who now know Javadi betrayed them. As his nails are ripped off, someone comes to his rescue, a man who used to serve under Javadi. Before that, he reveals to Saul that Nafisi is dead, and that he was working for Mossad.

They reveal to the judge that Frannie told them a story about waking up to find her mommy asleep on the floor with a gun in her lap. The judge orders further psychiatric evaluation anyway and that Frannie remain in foster care. Um, okay. Perhaps the writers are trying to draw a parallel from the way Carrie is being railroaded to how Sekou was essentially imprisoned for what he said in the first arc of the season.The sixth season of the American television drama series Homeland premiered on January 15,and concluded on April 9,on Showtimeconsisting of 12 episodes.

Taking place several months after the previous season, Carrie Mathison is back in the United States, living in Brooklyn, New York with her young pre-school aged daughter. She is now working at a foundation whose efforts are to provide aid to Muslims living in the United States. Peter Quinn is alive but has suffered a major stroke and is incapacitated but seemingly, turned to a junkie.

The season features the results of a presidential election of a female candidate, and takes place between election day and inauguration day. On December 9,the series was renewed for a sixth season. In Septemberco-star Rupert Friend sustained an injury to his foot, forcing production to shoot around his character Peter Quinn.

Despite the setback, his sabbatical is not expected to affect the premiere date. Also announced that month, while the majority of shooting and plot will take place in New York Cityproduction will be returning to film scenes in Morocco subbing for Abu Dhabi and Israel ; where the series has not filmed since the third year. The sixth season of Homeland has received generally positive reviews from critics.

On Metacriticthe season has a score of 68 out of based on 15 reviews. The site's critical consensus is, " Homeland delivers introspective comfort food with a satisfyingly strong leading female character and storylines that continue to surprise. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Season American political thriller television series Homeland.

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homeland season 6 recap youtube

Retrieved January 18, TV by the Numbers.This is actually a huge asset to Homelandbecause for the first time since Brody died in season 3, I feel like the producers have a good handle on what the tone of the show is and what it needs to be. Ad — content continues below. If the rest of season 6 can maintain this momentum, it truly will be a return to form for a series long struggling to reinvent its voice. The most interesting aspect of the episode, of course, is the unlikely alliance formed between Carrie Mathison and Ray Conlin.

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Up until now, Conlin has primarily been a self-righteous FBI prick written as thin as his sense of authoritative superiority. In short, maybe he really is like a lot of the career intelligence officers who now find themselves leaking info left and right to raise red flags. He had red shirt written all over him, but it is, I think, a mistake by the writers. Meanwhile, the hour might have been at its best when we were allowed to witness Saul perform some real cloak and dagger operations again.

Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! I stand by my theory that Saul and Carrie will again make unlikely allies during the back-half of season 6.

I expected her to spend much of the rest of season 6 helplessly imprisoned in her upstate New York farmhouse, awaiting to be vilified in the media absence that Dar Adal has orchestrated.

Frankly, I doubted her chief of staff ever would have made it past the literal FBI and Secret Service gatekeepers that have been instigated to keep her trapped. But it was quite a twist that Fox News-viewing owner of the house agreed to smuggle her president-elect out and back to New York City.

I especially worried since the incoming commander-in-chief looked incredibly pathetic when her keeper found her trying to steal a glance at a cellphone. There is also something so formal and amusing about this beginning to stall semi-coup.

It also was a strong scene when an obvious right-leaning voter who lost her son in the Iraq War gets to confront a liberal dove president-elect who also lost a son and now wants nothing to do with the Middle East. And the liberals see it as a sentimental sorrow being allowed to cloud the reality of unwinnable quagmires. And as the conspiracy theories only multiply, the series will have plenty of ways to continue exploring them with its kind of political exorcism mechanisms.

If it can keep that angle, Carrie Mathison will never have been more crucial to providing a cathartic entertainment for our times. David Crow DCrowsNest. David Crow is the movies editor at Den of Geek.

He has long been proud of his geek credentials. Raised on cinema classics that ranged from…. Skip to main content area. This review contains spoilers. Join our mailing list Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! The question is how will Saul approach Dar Adal now? Share: Share on Facebook opens in a new tab Share on Twitter opens in a new tab Share on Linkedin opens in a new tab Share on email opens in a new tab Comment: Comments count: 0.

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homeland season 6 recap youtube

Close Menu. Carrie Mathison is back in the US on the streets of New York, fighting for the protection of civil liberties and against the abuse of power within our government.

She remains in opposition with Saul, who is still with the CIA. More purchase options. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Episodes 13 1. Subtitles Subtitles. Audio Languages Audio Languages. Carrie returns to the US. Quinn copes with circumstances. Season premiere. Homeland: The Man in the Basement. Carrie and Reda fight for their client.

Quinn fights against his new life. Homeland: The Covenant. Saul goes to Abu Dhabi. Carrie delivers bad news. Quinn senses something. Homeland: A Flash of Light. Carrie handles her client. Saul's trip takes a turn. Quinn investigates.I guess starting episodes of " Homeland " with Carrie and Aayan in bed is a trend now because that's where we're at for the second week in a row this season. The two are really read: strangely comfortable with one another and they interact like old lovers.

As they laze about in bed, Carrie quizzes Aayan on the new identity he's to take on and she gives him a passport with some money because they're actually going to London. Carrie says they leave that night and Aayan insists that he reclaim his things from school before they catch the flight. As much as Carrie insists that he should just leave it all, Aayan says that it's all he has so she relents.

Yup, we're not even five minutes in and I already know that something's going to get really screwed up in this transit plan. Aayan heads to his medical school, or rather, OLD medical school, to get his limited possessions.

While there, his ex? She's completely perplexed by the whole situation and grills Aayan while he haphazardly throws things into a bag. Kiran is heartbroken when Aayan says he has to leave for London and asks for Aayan to take her with him. The heartbreak continues when Aayan indicates that the "journalist" helping him is a woman and Kiran asks Aayan if he loves her.

Aayan hesitates way too long, signaling in the way that all TV shows and romance movies do, that he does love Carrie. He leaves the dorm room -- and Kiran -- with a pained look on his face. Upon leaving, he narrowly escapes what looks like an ISI operative stationed directly outside the exit.

Like I said, getting to London is not going to be easy.

This 'HTGAWM' Season 5 Recap Will Prep You For The Mayhem To Come

Carrie approaches Quinn about getting a small and "discreet" team together. There's enough tension in the room to cut a knife as the two spit vitriol at one another - Quinn's disgust for Carrie's behavior has reached new heights. Carrie doesn't stand for it, obviously, and goes to Redmond instead. Dennis heads to the embassy under the guise of delivering a "thank you" bottle of booze to Redmond for that night at the bar. Quinn takes Dennis to Redmond's office to drop off the bottle and Quinn is just as suspicious as I am.

I know he's attempting to get something from Redmond's office to deliver to his ISI contact, but I'm not sure what just yet. In the interim, Quinn gets pulled over by another embassy worker and is briefed on the events that went down at the airport last week. No one is aware that Saul hasn't made it to DC yet because he's still drugged and in the trunk of a random cleric's car. They do know, however, that Ghazi never made it to Africa.

Baby steps, y'all, baby steps. The same man that followed Aayan at the medical college is now hanging outside Carrie and Aayan's apartment hideaway. Carrie's freaking out over everything, particularly the fact that Aayan told Kiran where he's going.

homeland season 6 recap youtube

Aayan tries to cool Carrie down and insists that his uncle, Haqqani, will help him with safe passage to England. Pleased with this information, Carrie gives him the passport and money just as intruders break into the apartment. They attack Carrie and chase Aayan out onto the street. It isn't until we see Carrie thrown into a car and her mauling is followed by casual conversation with the attackers that we realize that they're not attackers but rather fellow embassy members.

The whole event was staged. Carrie has convinced Aayan that she's been kidnapped by ISI and he is officially on his own. I can't help but feel terrible for this kid. I know he's assisted terrorists, but they've made him such a human character and he's lost most of his family and now he's also lost the woman who took his v-card so excuse my empathy just this one time.

Fara, Max, Redmond, Carrie, and the "attackers" all convene at the embassy to discuss what's about to go down with Aayan. Fara asks Carrie what's going on and Carrie takes the opportunity to rip into Fara for failing in her mission to get information out of Aayan. Again, Carrie defends her actions by making grandiose claims that she's been doing everything she can to save the United States.After sticking with its Brody storyline for three seasons — well beyond its natural expiration date, if you ask some fans — Showtime's Homeland finally began to reinvent itself with Season 4, literally leaving its past behind to head from D.

Homeland Season 6 takes place in New York City in that narrow window of months between the Presidential election and the Inauguration as the presumptive nominee a woman! If you feel like you've slipped into the Twilight Zone, you're not alone; between the show's just-off parallel version of reality and its sudden move back to the States, viewers may have found themselves disoriented when they tuned into the sixth season premiere last weekend.

So here's a Homeland Season 5 recap to help make sense of what's going on before you tune back in to Season 6 this Sunday. The fifth season picked up two years after the events of the fourth, which culminated in both a dramatic hostage exchange involving Saul, and a devastating terrorist attack on the American embassy in Pakistan.

In the end, Dar Adal negotiated a deal with the perpetrator of the attack — Haqqani — agreeing to take him off the CIA's "kill list" if Haqqani agreed to stop harboring terrorists in Afghanistan. When she accompanied Otto to a Lebanese refugee camp as a member of his security team, they were attacked in what appeared to be an attempt on the millionaire's life.

However, Carrie soon learned that she was the real target of the ambush; and whoever had tried to kill her wasn't done, assigning her former CIA colleague Peter Quinn to take her out. Fortunately, Quinn defied his orders and helped Carrie fake her death so she could figure out who was behind the attempts on her life. But just as he provided "proof of death," he was almost taken out as well and badly injured; someone was working hard to cover their tracks.

It turned out that the real villain of the season was Allison Carr, the Berlin CIA station chief, who had a former working relationship with Carrie and was currently in a romantic relationship with Saul.

homeland season 6 recap youtube

Unbeknownst to her colleagues, Allison had been turned by the Russians 10 years earlier and had been working as a spy ever since. At the beginning of the season, two computer hackers accidentally downloaded a cache of top-secret CIA files, and Carrie had been targeted for death by the Russians because she was the only agent with sufficient knowledge to trace details in those documents back to Allison and uncover her treachery.

Indeed, Carrie did eventually realize Allison's true allegiance and when the traitor was being whisked away to asylum in Russia, her convoy was ambushed by the CIA and the car was riddled with bullets. When Saul popped the car's trunk, he found Allison's dead body inside; she had been caught in the crossfire of the shootout. A severely injured Quinn, determined to protect Carrie by severing his connection to her, slipped away from their safe house and attempted to take his own life.

But he was stopped in the act by a passerby and ended up falling in with a group of jihadists, who were allegedly planning to carry out a terrorist attack in Syria. Quinn pretended to go along with the plan while informing Dar Adal about the group's movements, but he eventually learned that their real target wasn't Syria, but was right there in Berlin.

The jihadists decided to test the effectiveness of their recently-acquired sarin gas by exposing Quinn to it, but a sympathetic member of the group injected the agent with an antidote beforehand. Although the effects of the gas were lessened, Quinn was still grievously sick — made even worse when Carrie ordered doctors to wake him up in order to extract information from him.

At the end of the season, Quinn was still in a coma with no signs of recovery. Saul can't ever catch a break, can he? This led to nasty complications between the CIA and Mossad, and to Saul once again being taken hostage by hostile forces.

Fortunately, everything was smoothed over when Carrie realized that Allison herself was the real mole. Although that likely came as small consolation to Saul, who had been sleeping with a spy.

Of course, Carrie was able to thwart the jihadists' attack on Berlin at the last moment, with the help of the same man who gave Quinn the antidote. But it wasn't all a happy ending, since she and Jonas broke up. So Season 5 drew to a close with a crisis averted, with Quinn on the verge of death, and with Carrie untethered from both her job in Berlin and her former ties with the CIA.

Naturally, this being Homelandwe know Carrie's move to the Big Apple won't be a smooth transition. Hopefully her Season 6 shenanigans will be just as exciting as Season 5's complicated web of spycraft and betrayal!Before it ends, this recap of How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 should help untangle that web so you're as prepared as you can be going in to the final season.

Fingers crossed that nobody else gets murdered before the curtain falls on the ABC series. But knowing this show that is definitely a losing bet. Just figuring out the ending before it happens should be a mystery worthy of a few fan theories. Season 5 focused on the Keating 4's third year of law school and Connor and Oliver's wedding — which of course ended in murder. It wasn't an all-out Game of Thrones slaughter-fest, but gruesome none the less. These poor kids can't have nice things — but at least Coliver survived their own nuptials.

Here are the major events of How To Get Away With Murder Season 5, and everything you need to know before a final showdown this season. Let's start with Nate's dad, who was serving time for murder. Annalise took on Nathaniel Lahey Sr. Nate and Bonnie thought that ADA Miller was responsible for organizing the hit, so they killed him at the wedding. Later in the season we found out that Laurel's brother Xavier Castillo, in cahoots with the Governor of Pennsylvania, was really the one who organized Nate Sr.

Annalise and Frank discovered the truth, but decided not to tell Bonnie and Nate that they killed the wrong man. As for Crawford? That's a cliffhanger for Season 6 to answer. The gang's boss was poisoned and collapsed in his own firm in the final episode. Gabriel Maddox showed up at the tail end of Season 4 and much of the season focused on trying to figure out who the stranger who moved into Rebecca's apartment was, how he was connected to the characters, and whether or not he and Michaela were going to become a thing.

Theories about Gabriel speculated that he could be Annalise's son, Bonnie's son, Wes' brother, the "real" Wes, and even Nate's son. The truth is that Gabriel is the first child of Sam Keating, Annalise's deceased husband, and his first wife Vivian Maddox. He came to Middleton for answers about his father and how he died.

Homeland season 6 episode 6 review: The Return

By the end of the season, everyone knows who he really is and is scared for what he might find out about what they did to Sam. In the final moments of the season, Laurel and her baby are both kidnapped.

Laurel vanished on the sidewalk while Annalise was distracted, and Christopher was taken from the fraternity house.