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Narumi returns to the past to repair a future that has been damaged beyond its shape. In fact she moved to another dimension.

And what is this?! My mom is a boy?! Then who will be my mother later?! Warning: Fem! Naruto, Male! Kushina, MinaNaruKushi.

firey and flower lemon inflation

Naruto and Kiba are two boys with doting, eccentric mothers with their own unusual methods. If that wasn't bad enough, their new sensei is a busty beauty! In this universe, Minato, Jiraya, and Kushina meet Tsunade in a bar together. After Tsunade and Minato get drunk, they head upstairs together to Tsunade's room.

Kushina sees this and take's it as her opportunity to get revenge against those in the leaf village. She knows that leaf village left her family to die during the second great ninja war. Thanks to a time seal that she created that allowed her to look into the past. As well as the future. With Tsunade and Minato drunk, all she would have to do is knock Minato out.

Then place a slave seal that she created on Tsunade, allowing her full control of the last Senju. Once under her control Kushina can use a Jutsu that her family created.

The Jutsu allows Kushina to gain penis so she can impregnate Tsunade. This is a Jutsu that the Uzumaki invented that would allow females to impregnate each other. With Tsunade under her control and a child created from their joining. She will be able to get revenge against the whole world. Leading to the birth of Naruto Uzumaki Senju.

Just so you guys know in case it wasn't clear. Kushina and Tsunade are going to adopt Kin and Tauya into their clan. When they find them on the streets when they and Naruto are five years old. A collection of stories in my "The Genin Blues" universe. From things ranging to arcs that would've continued the story to just plain old smut. Basically, this is just shit I still wanted to do in that universe.All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents.

FicWad Browse Search Help. Filter: 0 Filter You won't see stories with a lower score when you browse or search. Sakura's private healing 2. Sakura wants a threesome 3. How she spends her time 4. Naruto's sexy new tool 5. A Short Threesome 8. Hinata's Special Apology 9. New Year lemon special Naru x Hina lemon Sakura's Addiction Ten-ten's Fantasy Naruto's New Abilities Naruto's Lucky day Koyuki's very special visit Naruto's and Hinata's "Appreciation" Blackmailing Kurenai The Crush, the Student and the Teacher Ayame's "special" services Sakura's Desire and Shion's Date Karin's gratitude and Tsunade's news The Doctor Is In Konan's Comfort Howls of pleasure Being Honest Daniel 29 was the one who wanted Hanabi in the story in the first place while Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki let me use a little bit of his style of lemon writing.

If you haven't read his story called Naruto's Payment Methods you should read it. It's a great lemon story so thank them for Hanabi being added okay?

We worked together to make the greatest lemon, and the greatest personality, for the character you will be seeing in a second.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Steve Rogers inherits a cabin in the woods from Doctor Erskine, the man who essentially raised him.

He decides to leave the city and move into Doc's cabin for peace and quiet. He has only one neighbor, so he decides to introduce himself with a classic apple pie.

Then he sees his neighbor. His neighbor is the most handsome bear he's ever seen. He's seven feet tall, at the very least, and is broader than a chimney.

Steve falls head over ass in love immediately. And then it turns out his neighbor is literally a bear. Not just a bearbut a real, furry, snarling, honey-stealing bear. Bucky, it turns out, is a werebear. Each chapter will have its own warnings in the author's notes.

The title for each chapter has the character Leon is paired with, a C for consensual or an NC for non-consensual, and the kink prompt.

The lobby was nothing special, thought Mike. It didn't look like an entrance point to a shady business at all. Not a big surprise, considering what it supposedly entailed. What if Cross' negativity was too much for Dream? What if Nightmare offered a way to make it better, a way for Cross to prove himself? What if that turned out to be quite dangerous. Actually just shameless smut, inspired by Twitter posts which will be linked in the notes.

A bunch of sexual encounters between an OC and characters from League of Legends. Light over-arching plot. Many kinks.Hey everyone! Thunderito here! This chapter features the plans and preparations, along with a Lemon! On with the story! Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Minato and Kushina looked down at their bodies in surprise. One moment they were preparing to be judged, the other they found themselves on Mount Myoboku, Naruto looking at them. Minato looked at Jiraiya in shock, as Kushina turned to Naruto, her eyes full of emotions.

She outstretched her arm to him "Sochi-kun…" only for him to stop her with a look "You will only speak when needed. For now, you're here to listen. Naruto turned to Minato "Tell me of the prophecy. He turned to the Great Toad Sage "Is that the prophecy you gave?

Naruto crossed his arms "Then tell me, oh great Minato, what made you and my Godfather so sure Naruko and Narumi were the children of prophecy? Do you agree with your Clan's summoner? After what seemed an eternity, he spoke "I look at you, I see your eyes, yet I can't see your future, nor can I see the prophecy. Fukasaku turned to the giant Toad "But how can this be, Great Sage? He turned as Naruto chuckled "Oh this is rich.

inflation lemon

A black aura with a red outline surrounded Naruto, forming a cloak around him, with ears that resembled a wolf's. He started levitating above the ground, as all the elements surrounded him in a ring above his head.

inflation lemon

He smirked to their growing shock " This is what the prophecy meant. It was about two beings with different souls, becoming one! Minato and Kushina shielded their eyes a bit, as Jiraiya narrowed his in pain "What do you mean? Naruto pointed his finger to Minato and Kushina " What I am now is the fusion of the child you abandoned at Konoha, a child whose pure soul like crystal water, was rocked to it's core and damaged beyond repair by the people you protected, a traumatized souls like water with ripples, and the fusion of Shinju, the primordial God, who was forced to become a mindless beast, destroying thousands, a red soul stained by blood.

Those two, despite the thousand years of difference, became one, through the Shinju's will. What I am is the new Juubi, the new God of Chaos!

Peace will be brought. But wars will be fought first and it won't be a peace of the people from the people. It will be my peace, as I will make the world mine! Jiraiya looked at him in shock "N-No…" he muttered as everyone was too shocked to say anything. Naruto turned to Jiraiya " If you want to live, you will track down Tsunade and bring her to me.

Naruto turned to Hiruzen " Touch his shoulder and make sure he does as I said. Hiruzen touched Jiraiya, as Naruto transported them back to Konoha. He then turned to Minato " As for you. Killing you was too merciful.

And you aren't worthy of life. Once it cleared a symbol appeared inside a circle " You aren't worthy of a wife. Suddenly, a white chain came out of the symbol, surrounding Minato's entire body and tying him up. Minato fell to the ground as Naruto continued " You aren't worthy of daughters. You aren't worthy of students.They analyzed how a collapsing universe would change its own structure, and they ultimately discovered that contraction can beat inflation at its own game.

California recently capped the amount rent could be raised across the state at 5 percent plus inflation. Same-store sales growth was just 0. It kept its AAA credit rating; GDP per capita climbed; inflation and unemployment are still low; and the dollar is strong. Self-promotion improves the self for McCarthy, but how effective, and healthy, is this inflation of the ego?

Still, as the inflation of the claims has been urged as an excuse for inattention to them, a word upon that point is desirable. This was the last episode in the long drama of inflation and depression which was played out in New Zealand between and Expansion and inflation were in the air, and had to run their course. It must not be thought that the Montgolfiers experimented solely with hot air in the inflation of their balloons.

No inflation occurred, and the unexpanded balloon did not fly—but time did. Find out with this quiz on words that originate from American Indigenous languages. See inflate-ion. Words related to inflation hikeriseboomexpansionprosperityescalationextensionenlargementspreadenhancementbuildupboostaggrandizementtumefactiondistensionpuffinessintensificationblowing up.

What happened? Bernhard Warner August 25, Fortune. Dubner March 12, Freakonomics. All About Coffee William H. The Mastery of the Air William J. Comrade Kropotkin Victor Robinson. Distention with a fluid or gas. The act of distending an organ or body part with a fluid or gas.

inflation lemon

Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. Find Out!Hi, everyone! This squeal was requested by an anonymous reader. Naruto and Hinata were walking home from Sasuke's house in total silence.

Neither one of them knowing what to say to the other. Once they entered their house, Naruto decided to be the first to speak. I mean, you give him some of the tomatoes you've grown in the yard for no reason. These tomatoes could have been for us.

Because they taste like shit! I'm nice to him because it's just the way I am. Being nice to people don't get you anywhere in life. Sometimes you gotta toughen up and show people like Sasuke that you are not the one who should be used or taking advantage of all the time.

Hinata said nothing else as she began to tremble and her eyes began to water. Sensing that he had upset his girlfriend, Naruto calmed himself down and gave her an apologetic look. I-I gotta go. She reluctantly turned around to face him. I need some time alone. But it was too late.

inflation lemon

Hinata stormed away from him while he stood in the doorway like a complete idiot. What have I done? Calling me stupid. He's the one that is stupid. Since Hinata didn't want to go back to the house, she decided that it would be best if she stayed at a friend's house. Specifically, she decided to stay with Sasuke Uchiha. She walked over to his house and knocked on the door.

She waited for a response until he opened the door. The raven-haired teen appeared in front of her wearing nothing but a pair of black and blue plaid bed pants. What are you doing here this late at night? Even though Sasuke didn't like or care for anyone in the world, Hinata Hyuuga was the only person that he deeply care for.It had been a late night for the two Team Rocket Grunts, after a hard days work of preparing for the attack on Goldenrod a staff party was just what the doctor ordered.

The two men were walking on the beach outside of Olivine city where the party was and were wandering around inebriated, and reckless. The Grunts then began to giggle to them selves as they turned the corner of a cliff side and came across an amazing sight. So about fifteen minutes later, the two Grunts returned with liquor and keg in tow after having a few gelatin shots at the party and some other narcotics.

So they slowly approached the slumbering beast, raised the bottle, the funnel and the hose and slowly started pouring the booze down the Lugia's throat. The sleeping behemoth shuddered a bit and twitched a little but soon the bottle was almost empty when a gurgling noise came from Lugia's belly.

The Grunts were speedily pouring the beer down Lugia's throat when the beast made a slightly more turbulent motion as if it's sleep had been disturbed. Although the Grunts heard nothing the Lugia heard every agonizing second of it and was wide-awake and more drunk than a sailor. Lugia awoke stumbling and trying to keep itself together as it tried desperately to maintain it's balance but began tripping over it's own feet. It was very late but Nurse Joy allowed Gold to go for a walk since the beach was so close and secluded.

The moon was full and the light shining from it was a magnificent blue as it danced on the surface of the ocean, the waves on the sand gave off a calm ambience to the cool breeze off the ocean. But I wonder what he was looking for when I stopped by the Lake of Rage?

Gold had encountered some members of Team Rocket in the Slowpoke Well outside of Azalea Town, and he thought they were done and over with three years ago when they failed to take over Silph in Saffron City. It is said that it quietly spends its time deep at the bottom of the sea because its powers are too strong. Known as the "Guardian of the seas". It is rumored to have been seen on the night of a storm. Then he made a brave move and actually reached out to the Lugia and gave it a gentle pat on the head.

The Lugia didn't react in any violent manner and actually seemed more peaceful with Gold petting it. Gold then slowly drew closer and began petting the back of its neck.

Then Lugia turned to look at Gold and to his confusion, Lugia began blushing and smiling in a silly way. Gold began to wonder what was wrong with Lugia, why was it acting so silly? Lugia simply smiled goofily at Gold still blushing uncontrollably as its large head moved right in front of the young trainer and then gave him a friendly lick that got the entire front of his shirt and his face.

Well aren't you a friendly one, I was going to wash my clothes later but it looks like you took care of tha-" Gold was cut off as Lugia got up and began to affectionately lick him even more and was getting the champ in the making covered with saliva.

Blow Up a Balloon with Lemon Juice

Gold made a small glance of Lugia's lower body and noticed something peeking out; his penis had emerged and had to have been 29 inches or so. Gold slowly turned back to the direction he came from and began to walk away and then broke into a sprint with the Lugia lumbering behind him.

Where there had once been the pleasant scent of the ocean, was now a scent like that of a swimming pool and it's cleaning chemicals. Lugia then leaned in and licked the still terrified Gold clean of his jizz before stumbling off into the night sky hap hazardously.

Gold immediately locked the door, got showered, put on his pajamas, and laid in bed hiding under the sheets scared stiff. Gold reluctantly answered his friend. The conversation ended with Gold only knowing one thing, Little Joey was in for some top-percentage trauma like he had received. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Lugia shifted grumpily and was making noises as if it was ill but was still sleeping.

Feeling bored, Gold thought a quick stroll on the beach would help him get some fresh ocean air.