Land rover defender immobiliser bypass

It can be configured as a basic immobiliser rather insecure! The 10AS module has now been discontinued by Land Rover and is no longer available as a new spare part. Please contact me with your requirements. The 10AS uses a now obsolete Motorola processor, to provide modules for Defender production Land Rover had the module redesigned around a modern processor but retained the same connectors and pinouts.

This module was introduced in and has proven to be troublesome with a distinct lack of support by aftermarket diagnostic tool manufacturers. This module is easily distinguished as it uses a black plastic case and 10AS is not printed on the white label. The 10AS module has many software settings to enable various options and to suit a wide range of engine configurations, it will also memorise up to four remote fobs.

I can carry out all option and fob programming for a fixed charge. Ths service can also be used if you simply need your unit tested. There is the option to include two fobs fully programmed with the upgrade, ideal for the basic Defender setup where no fobs were originally supplied with the vehicle. This service requires that you remove and send your 10AS to me for the work to be carried out, the existing immobiliser settings will not be altered.

Upon return the unit is simply connected back to the vehicle. I will provide full technical help if you need assistance with wiring central locking components to the 10AS.

E-mail: paul technozen-electronics. Web View Mobile View. I can repair any fault on this unit and keep all common components in stock. Typical faults include Missing immobiliser data output signal. No courtesy light operation. Poor fob range. Central locking faults. All diagnostic options are available, re-configuring software settings and fob programming.

At this time I do not currently repair this later black cased module.

land rover defender immobiliser bypass

UK Customers. Mainland EU Customers. Fitting the associated components. Enable full alarm and central locking features.Forum Rules.

Remember Me? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Hi I'd like to disable the alarm and immobiliser on my Discovery 1 but, retain the central locking off the key fob. Is this possible and if so any ideas?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Join Date Jun Location croydon vic Posts Originally Posted by Cousinlarry. If you can follow instructions and swing a soldering iron then the Spider modification is quite easy. There are plenty of posts with good pictures. I recall one showed the whole deal in pictures and easy to follow instructions.

I have done mine and have not looked back. Check out alarm system - Land Rover Zone. I'm probably telling you something you already know, but if your disco gets stolen and you have disabled the immobilizer you're going to be up crapola creek as far as your insurance goes. Thanks all of you for taking the time to write a reply. As always I've done a heap of searching prior to adding this post and came across it and a few others, all seem to bypass the immobiliser but, not the alarm.

Forgive me if I'm wrong but, if you lock the car with the remote but, then try open the drivers door with the key I seem to recall the alarm will go off?? These questions are all due an incident a couple of weeks ago when I was on Fraser Island with a mate and his Chevy Suburban p.

And it got me thinking, usually I don't lock the car when I'm in the bush or the beach for this reason.

Defender Immobiliser

I can't think of anything worse than been stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere due to something simple like a dead remote battery or the remote breaking. How many times have people even thought of taking a spare remote battery with them on a trip? Anyway, considering how easy it was to bypass the Chevy's immobilser once we actually figured it out - no exaggeration someone experienced could have done it 3mins flat I thought I'd like to know how to do the same to my Landy in case something like that happens to me.

I think I may give the spider mod a miss but, continue to hardly ever lock the car even in here in Brisbane as I'm sure there's far more appealing cars for thieves to be interested in, 'cause lets be fair they're not going to steal a Landy from the local shops to go joyriding at kph in.

If you lock the car with the remote, and then try to open the car with the key, the alarm goes off. Like you, I simply do not use the remote when I am in remove places. I still lock it with the key however. That is the link i used. I have a dicky key fob which locks the car remotely only when it wants to. Sometimes it works other times it does not If i have to open the car with the key after locking it via remote, i just unlock via the key in the drivers side front door and allow a couple of seconds for the alarm to deactivate and then open the door and the alarm does not activate.

I just ran outside and checked to confirm and no problems. Prior to doing the alarm bypass, every six months or so, the car would refuse to start.You can disarm it only rarely or not at all? Because of the poor design, either the keyfobsthe immobilizer or both will fail earlier or later. A replacement is hard to find nowadays and the car has to rest for the moment. As a result you can reliably start your engine from now on without using your keyfobs. No soldering and no searching for cables.

This solution can be reverted back to the original state at any time. The installation is done within a few minutes and we offer a lifetime warranty regarding the proper function of our module. After installation of the module neither the keyfobs nor the 5AS immobilizer is needed anymore!

For those who would like continue using the central locking functionality, we offer our module built into the Lucas 5AS immobilizer. In case you would consult our service, please send your 5AS or 10AS immobilizer together with the keyfobs to:. Reading codes and producing your personal module is typically done within one day. Payments peferred using PayPal. Classic Rover Mini: Inside behind the stereo. Rover Left of clutch pedal. Rover Behind the glove box. Rover old : Behind the Instrument package.

Land Rover Discovery: Right side in co-driver footwell area. Land Rover Defender Puma : behind the left loudspeaker. Kontakt: Hammersteinstr.

land rover defender immobiliser bypass

Skip to content. We have the solution! In case you would consult our service, please send your 5AS or 10AS immobilizer together with the keyfobs to: Ing. You can also use our orderform below:.Forum Rules. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Having a few issues with the alarm system in my defender. When you use the remote to lock the car it beeps the horn twice which very annoying at 5am.

Is this an easy fix? Join Date Oct Location perth Posts Mine only flashes the indicators, is it possible you have a door switch stuck on open somewhere? Posts Try locking the door with just the key and not the remote.

From memory that sets the immobiliser but not the alarm.

Land Rover cars with factory fitted Thatcham security systems

As dawsey stated, the horn sounding generally indicates a door is not closed properly. Could be a faulty door sensor. Not sure how you'd go removing the Lucas 10AS system on the Puma. NET awhile back, in regards to how the alarm and immobiliser work, i'll see if I can find it. From blackwolf, on UK forum; "There are three ways to lock a vehicle such as a Defender with a 10AS, central locking, and both perimetric and volumetric sensors, namely:- 1 Lock with plip - immobiliser and alarm are set, and both the perimetric and volumetric sensors are operative.

Opening a door etc, or any movement in the car will set off the alarm. Opening a door etc, movement in the car, breaking a window etc will not set off the alarm. This is the method LR recommend if pets or people are to be left in the car.

Opening a door will set of the alarm, but movement in the car will not.Forum Rules.

Resetting Alarm/Immobiliser sequence.

Remember Me? Forum Technical Forums Technical Chatter td5 immobiliser. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: td5 immobiliser. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Jan Location cairns Posts 1, Can I disable the immobiliser on my 02my td5 defender Xtreme but still retain my central locking with keyfob. If so can it be done with my nanocom and a 'how to' would be good.

Cheers, Paul. I didnt think the factory immobiliser was enabled on the deefers. Are you sure its not an aftermarket immobiliser? Dave "In a Landrover the other vehicle is your crumple zone. Fozzy, 2. If you think you're in front on the deal, pay it forwards.

Originally Posted by Blknight. I added the Keyfob and enabled the immobiliser on my extreme using a nanocom, so the reverse would be true also. Its in the defender alarm section when hooked up to a laptop easier to do it that way than via the nanocom itself.

Thanks Steve. Originally Posted by 5teve. Seems a fair reason! Was just interested thats all I have 2 fobs just in case The laptop just makes things easier. The EKA code can be reprogrammed i think via the nanocom, it can on the disco td5 different alarm and not looked on the defender yet.

On the disco it can read it tooLand Rover cars not listed above could still have been fitted with an insurance approved Thatcham category 1 alarm or cat 2 immobiliser by the car dealer or car security specialist so it's worth checking the car documents.

Homepage Nationwide fitters Insurance groups. Insurance group 1 Cheapest cars to insure are in insurance group 1.

Cheap to insure cars Also cheap to insure are cars in group 2. Classic cars Classic car insurance companies may want you to fit Thatcham security. Thatcham for cars List of insurance approved alrams, immobiliser and tracking systems for cars.

Thatcham for vans List of insurance approved alrams, immobiliser and tracking systems for vans. Thatcham for motorcycles List of insurance approved alrams, immobiliser and tracking systems for motorbikes. Cars with Thatcham security UK spec cars are usually factory fitted with Thatcham security.

What is Thatcham alarm? Thatcham alarms are the only vehicle alarms approved by insurance companies. About Thatcham immobiliser Thatcham immobilisers are a basic security requirement by most insurers. Fit Thatcham category 1 Aftermarket Thatcham category 1 upgrades available for cars, vans, motorbikes, HGVs and plant. Fit Thatcham category 2 Thatcham category 2 is the only insurance approved immobiliser.Today drove my 2. Started no problem and drove faultlessly for the 10 mile trip to the store.

Parked up in the car park and when I came back, tried to start it - it caught then immediately cut out. After a few attempts like this I noticed the red immobiliser light was no longer coming on in the dash panel. In the vain hope it was maybe a duff battery in the alarm plipper, I returned to the store and bought and fitted a new C battery but still no joy. Have had to get the vehicle recovered back home and been advised that only a Land Rover dealership will be able to sort out if it is something wrong with the immobiliser as it could need reprogramming.

Has any one had a similar experience? And if so, how was it fixed? If the engine is not started but vehicle unlocked for a short while the immobiliser will arm.

Do you have Problems with your Lucas / Rover 5AS, 10AS or Land Rover ALM immobilizer?

So if you see the dash light lighting up you need to press unlock on the plip before starting or it'll start then cut out. This is the I immobiliser working. If you changed the fob battery I believe it should be done in xxx time period, usually done there and then. Go to the vehicle and press unlock or lock multiple times repetitively until the indicators flash and red dash light flashes very fast for around 10 seconds.

That means it's synced and and you should be good to go. There should be no programming needed by a dealer at all. Should have maybe mentioned vehicle doesn't have central locking. I never use the alarm function in the vehicle. I tried arming and disarming with the plipper multiple times before and after changing the battery but it didn't turn the alarm on.

Bypass Land rover tdi

The red immobiliser warning light is completely absent from the dash either with or without the ignition turned on. Also got the spare key and plipper that's never been used and tried that - just the same. Lock four times consecutively then unlock on plip after a battery change.

land rover defender immobiliser bypass

It'll only respond on the last unlock. Hopefully it's as simple as that. Solved the bowel problem, working on the consonants Logie, I also had a similar problem but after doing some work and disconnecting the battery. Mine happened to be a loose wire in the area of the fuse box. Can't say which as it was found by the mechanic. But worth checking connections perhaps? It was ongoing for a week and was discovered by checking and re checking every connection, every fuse etc.

Hope you get it working, bloody nightmare. Monsieur Le Grenadier I've not been everywhere, but it's on my list Maybe you are having the same problem I had with water and all the rain Look here